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I am a Portuguese soul, living in Denmark for the past +7 years. Currently, I proudly work at Grundfos Zite, an in-house agency, with a dream team! It's a place that allows me to use my talents in design, illustration and 2D animation skills.



In the past, I've worked in the pharma and healthcare industries, something that I truly loved to do! Both from that period and now, I can't display the work I've done publicly on this website, but I've collected some examples of my work on another password-protected page. Feel free to get in touch if you're curious about it :)
Some of the work on this page is fictional, with the intention to display some of my skill set.

Cover Design

Macromulecules Science Journal, cover design
October 2021

Illustration of an analogy for PNIPAM-b-PVDF star and linear block copolymers leading to the manufacture of membranes with temperature-switched high and low water permeance.

Concept by Fatimah Algahrni, PhD student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)


November 9, 2021 Volume 54, Issue 21 Pages 9773-10250

Made in Procreate

O Frade Restaurant, website design
March 2022

A friend/fellow countryman has a restaurant in Lisbon that I am a super fan of! In this restaurant, you'll find the genuine flavours and dishes of Alentejo. A while ago we talked about designing it's website and this is my first draft on it. All text it's a dummy copy. 

SoMe Post for Fingerprint for Success
March 2022

I took an assessment by Fingerprint for Success. they are a company that helps world-leading companies optimize their teaming, wellbeing, talent acquisition and retention. I made an Instagram post about one of my motivations - according to the test result.


Scientific paper illustration
December 2021

COPs-based composite membrane fabrication

Illustration for a paper about the rapid fabrication of COPs-based composite membranes in seconds via interfacial polymerization approach.


Concept by Fadilah Alduraiei, PhD student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Made with Procreate and Adobe Illustrator

Paper illustraton

Creative Collective SoMe campaign
March 2022

This is the SoMe campaign for advertising the collective exhibition of artists that would go on different platforms like Facebook and Instagram.