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Vimovo, New Identity Campaign
December 2019

Participation in the group thinking, coming up with the concept of the pairing/reflection, inspired in the drug mode-of-action (MoA) of the two main components, led to the tagline “Paired to reflect your potential”.

Creation of several artsy and science illustrations for the brand package such as MoA of the pill/drug, illustration of both healthy and Osteoarthritis (OA) knee, pill layering, several decorative elements to use throughout the eDetailer* and concept drawings for photo shooting direction (for brand imagery).

*eDetailer it's similar to a native iPad app, used to amplify communication between healthcare providers and manufacturers with factual timely and relevant information, to help healthcare providers make informed decisions and improved patient care.

work 1

Novo Nordisk IO Incentives
August 2021

The Novo Nordisk IO (International Operations) Framework is intended for affiliate and Region teams to use as guidance in designing frontline incentive plans for the frontline roles in Novo Nordisk diverse therapy areas, including sales representatives and first-line managers, and possibly roles such as marketing and market access.


Creation of 1) Wordmark creation and Art Direction development of internal brand for IO Frontline Incentives; 2) converting existing PowerPoint modules with the Frontline Incentives framework, into a consistent single-branded PowerPoint template and 3) email template design.

work 2, Infographics for One Academy
March 2017

These infographics were created to explain some of the abstract concepts taught in the course given at the internal eLearning platform at, that new employees do when they first start their job. They were made in Illustrator and pinned directly to the eLearning platform's respective section.

work 3

Biogen, Plegridy New IM administration leaflet for HCPs
November 2020

PLEGRIDY is a prescription medicine used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Before there were only subcutaneous (SC) administrations types of products and in 2020 Biogen launched the new intramuscular (IM) administration self-injection, which has the same benefits and it's as efficient as the SC, but overall has fewer undesirable side effects.

To spread this information to doctors and nurses an email campaign was created, as well as an infographic leaflet explaining the summary information about the IM administration and an injection instruction leaflet for nurses. 

Creation of the illustrations and Design for the email campaign and both leaflet pieces.

work 4

Coloplast (Wound & Skin care, Interventional Urology & Coloplast Professional)

Coloplast develops products and services that make life easier for people with extremely private and personal ailments.

In the past year, I’ve worked mostly on some of the SoMe posts for the Coloplast Instagram and LinkedIn account, aleatory assets (like GIFs and illustrations) and a video campaign to launch the Coloplast Professional website - an education and collaboration platform to support HCPs deepening knowledge, accelerating clinical experience and shaping the future of patient care.
 SoMe design, vector illustration, animation and video editing production (including storyboard).

Work 5